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AB Hoops has more than a hundred different basketball hoop systems to choose from. Over our 30 years in this buisness we have found 6 best selling sytems that meet most residential customer needs.  We have highlighted these systems below.  We know picking the right hoop can be a daunting and time consuming task.  Just remember we are only a phone call away and our advice is always free!

We are currently in the process of makeing some updates to the site.  Sorry for any inconvienience.  Please contact us with any questions.

There are a couple ways to save time;
   1. You can contact an expert at AB Hoops, sales@abhoops.net, (844) 224-6672
   2. You can use our Q & A Easy Choice Menu;

Easy Choice Menu: "referring to new, warrantied inground basketball equipment hoop systems" also, based on most install companies charge $300 to $500 to install any inground system, and using $300 for this Easy Choice Menu.

How much money are you willing to spend on the equipment?

   $650 to $850
   $900 to $1200
   $1200 to $1600
   $1600 and up

What age of players will be playing and using the basketball equipment hoop systems?
   •  All ages randomly throughout the day........Then adjustable from very low to 10'
   •  Older elementary to all adult ages.......Then adjustable from 7' to 10'
   •  Competitive varsity play....... Then fixed at 10'

What court size do you have?
   •  Driveway, narrow and on a grade....
   •  Driveway, narrow and flat...
   •  Driveway, wide (supporting a 3 stall garage)...
   •  Driveway, large and wide...
   •  Dedicated court...
   •  Dedicated court, elementary school...
   •  Dedicated court, middle school...
   •  Dedicated court, high school...
   •  Dedicated court, college...
   •  Dedicated court, community park...
   •  Dedicated court, country club...
   •  Dedicated court, apartment complex...
   •  Dedicated court, other...

Are you in an area likely for vandalism and extra rough play?
Little, but important things you may not know.

Most home owners in the northern hemisphere, play basketball in the afternoon; therefore locating your hoop on the east side is best if possible. The second place choice for the goal is on the north side.

For elementary schools, in the northern hemisphere, wanting to keep the big kids away, place the basketball goals on the west side (first choice) or the south side.

Often times, home owners select locations close to their home, not allowing enough space for a high school 3 point line. (19'9" from the center of the rim, the rim center is 15" from the surface of the backboard)

The setback from the backboard to the pole is what costs money and is the main cost driver. (Regulation courts have 4' from end-out-of-bounds line, base line, to the backboard.)

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IPI by Bison has manufactured gymnasium equipment for over thirty years and concentrate entirely on this type of equipment. Our products are well accepted by architects throughout the country. We will continue to develop and revise our products to provide you the best quality products available. We have over 250 combined years of experience working for you.

We provide:
   •  Basketball Backstops
   •  Gym Divider Curtains
   •  Wainscot Wall Padding
   •  Multi-Sport Practice Cages
   •  Volleyball Systems (1) (2)
   •  Soccer Goals and Equipment
   •  Football Goals and Field Accessories


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